Monday, June 30, 2014

Hostess Coaching 101

Got a party booked? Great! Now, with some easy coaching, you're sure to get that party rocking!  Implement these coaching tips to your parties and see improvement, because when we coach our hosts/hostesses, we simply guide them to a successful party!

Hostess Coaching can be summed up in 2 great steps:  consistent contact and doing what you say you are going to do!
That first call/contact should be within a day or two of the booking.  Call to do the following:
1.  SAY THANK YOU for having a Scentsy show with me and set a sales goal of how much she wants to earn on her hostess rewards. By setting a goal, you can help her visualize and aim for how much she needs to sell at her party.  
2. Confirm the date and make sure it is going to work for her and her friends/family/co-workers.
3.  Find out how she is going to do the invites.  Evites? Postcards? Email a flyer? Facebook? Text?  Ask what will work best for her group and then discuss when the invites needs to go out.  Make sure to remind her that you will call and follow up when invites are due to go out.
And that is it for the first phone call or email!
Nothing over-whelming or complicated.

2nd call/contact is when invites are due to go out.
As a general rule, don't invite people farther out than 2 weeks, and 10-14 days in advance is plenty of notice.  People can even be invited up to the day of the event. You never know who you're going to run into that you might have not thought about inviting.
When you make this call/contact, be sure to remind her of different groups she should invite.  Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are givens, so try to think of people she might forget.  Teachers, coaches, reading club, husbands' friends wives, daycare, etc.
You might want to remind her of where the hostess rewards are in the catalog and go over what she's going to get for having her party!  And remind her it's going to be a fun get-together, no stress and a great time for her people.

3rd call/contact is a day or two before the party. Just remind her to call, email, or text everyone to remind them of the date.  Life gets in the way and sometimes we tend to forget what we did the day before, let alone that a party is coming up.  This will keep the people from saying "oh my heavens, I totally forgot" which is exactly what will happen to almost all of the invitees if they are not reminded!

A great tip when the party is booked is to always give your hostess a basket or pouch party to take orders from people who can't make it or don't show up to the party.  Even if she says she doesn't think she will need it, you never know when someone will pop in to her life and want to place an order.  Tell her it's for her own good, and there is no pressure, but you just want to make it easier on her friends if they want to place an order.

 Following these simple Hostess Coaching steps is sure to get your party to the goal you have set with your hostess.  Next, just have fun and enjoy!

These coaching tips were taken from a Coaching Training Session at Spring Sprint by Kay Dighans, Super Star Director with Scentsy Family.

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
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