Monday, September 22, 2014

Sponsoring Do's and Do's!

Yes, Sponsoring Do's and Do's because why should we focus on Dont's when there are so many Do's we can apply to our business as we grow! Here are some recruiting tips - what to share, who to share with and where to share. Yes, chock full of Do's! 

Do Share With Everyone: 
Your love of your products and company.
What you love best of your products and company.
Why you chose your company and products.
Your personal story and how your journey began.
What the difference has been in your life after you joined your company.
Your excitement for the future with your company.
Your yearly goal and where you'll be in a year with your company.
What upcoming events you are getting ready for with your company.
Annual Conventions, Conferences, Incentive Trips, Prizes.
Personal Parties and Sale Incentives & Promos you have going on.

Do Look For Prospects:
Everyone makes a great prospect, so do share the opportunity with eveyrone.
Look for prospects who are local and out of state. Grow your business wide.
Look for College students, family members, co-workers, friends, hosts/hostesses, teachers, realtors, military spouses, nurses, customers, and other Direct Selling Reps and Consultants.
Keep an eye out for prospects during your parties and events.
Look for prospects at Job Fairs and Fundraising events.

Do Sponsor Local Prospects:
Great Team Building with local networking and idea sharing.
Local team meetings in person.
Hands-On training in person.
Personal Training and Coaching during events and parties.
Product swaps are more convenient with local team members.

Do Sponsor Out of State Prospects:
Not limited to zip codes, grow your team nation wide.
Long-term success with a growing, cross-country team.
Spread your exposure nation-wide.
Distance trainings via conference calls, webinars, skype, videos.
Non-local events & fundraising yield exposure and nation-wide promotion.
Ask for out of state referrals and communicate host and biz opp.
Social Media and Networking Sites are great for out of state sponsoring.
Take your business on vacation with you and find prospects.
Join online common interest groups and share your biz opp.
Make donations to non-profits, events and fundraisers and look for prospects.

Once you are growing your team, remember this is an ongoing income producing activity, sponsoring and recruiting should be a part of your daily business activities. From the beginning, educate your new recruits on the importance of long-term success. Sponsoring is key for long term success! Offer incentives for team members who sponsor and who grow the team!

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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