Monday, November 18, 2013

Tips For Building Customer Loyalty

As we try to build our business and our customer base, it is necessary not to neglect our current customers. If we want to strive on success and sales, we need to put some effort into building customer loyalty.  I will work on a series of "Tips For Building Customer Loyalty" so check back often for a new blog on this topic!

1.  Offer Customer Incentives.  Give your customers a reason to be loyal to your business and come back for more!  Offer a Free gift with purchase or a buy 5 get one free, or even a preferred customer program where after placing a certain number or orders with you, they get a free product. If you can offer free shipping or discount for ordering personally with you, include this as a customer incentive. Be creative and come up with your monthly incentives for your customers and watch them come back for more!

2.  Do follow-up and courtesy calls. Don't just call a customer to see if they need more product, call them to see how they're doing, to check up on them, to find out how the family is doing. Try to always remember an event that will be going on with them and call back to check in and ask how it all went. They will see you are interested in them and not just their business, and they will come back for more! Facebooking, texting and emails are good, especially when we live in a fast paced society, but a phone call is a building block!

3. Provide excellent customer service. Each company has policies, but as consultants or representatives, there are things we can do to go the extra mile for our customers. Don't hesitate in providing the best service you can when it comes to questions about exchanges, returns or unsatisfactory purchases. When our customers see us go the extra mile for them, provide them a small thank you gift, or from time to time send them a little something for their wait or just for placing an order, they will come back for more!

Stay tuned for more tips!

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