Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is Scentsy Fragrance Right For You?

Are you looking for the right company to begin your own business journey?  I'd love to sponsor you into my growing team!  We have Consultants in Nebraska, New Jersey, Wisconsin, South Carolina and soon from many other states, PR & Mexico! I would LOVE to personally train you and help you succeed at owning your own business.  If you've been thinking about it, don't think any longer, join in and let's work together at building a business that will change your life forever!

Take this short quiz and see where owning your own Scentsy Fragrance business fits into your life!

1.  Are you looking to begin your own business and grow your own team and make Scentsy your full time business? Working it as a business, generating sales and growing your team takes determination but it is achievable when you set your goal and know what you want and how to get it, it's a sure way to earn your sales commissions and team bonus commissions.

2.  Are you looking to start up your business as part time where you develop a customer base and you promote your monthly specials and website and earn your commissions off your sales? Working it part time allows flexibility for your work week, yet gives you the focus you need to reach the sales goals you set on a monthly basis so you earn your commissions.

3.  Are you looking to join Scentsy as a hobby, where you sell to your friends, family, contacts and co-workers as you have fun with parties and promotions?  Joining Scentsy as a hobby is great if you love to get your friends, and family a great deal on products you love and they love as well.  Earn your commissions while you have fun by hosting parties and getting everyone around you to love a product that sells itself!

4.  Are you looking to join Scentsy so you can get commissions off of your own purchases?  Joining Scentsy as a shopper is great because you get commissions off your own purchases. If you love Scentsy and love to give it as birthday, anniversary, special occasions and Holiday gifts, then what better way to get a better deal than by joining and making commissions off your own purchases!

If you answered yes to any of the 4 questions, or ALL of them, then Scentsy is for you! There's no better time to join than right now!  You can begin to earn your commissions off your sales, and get the products you love at the specials and discounts offered, immediately!  Don't wait any longer.  Join Scentsy and start having FUN! I would love to sponsor you on my team!

By signing up today, you get your Scentsy Starter Kit and can begin to run your business! 
Got  questions? Click here for our FAQ's and get over the fear of starting your business today!

A few suggestions I give to interested people who want to sign up but need the money to invest, is to:
1. Ask a friend or family member to loan you the $99 as an investment for your business. You can pay them back within 2 months if you set your sales goal of $500 the first 2 months (your commissions will be $100 so you can pay back $50 and keep $50).
2. Save $25 or $50 from each pay check and sign up once you have the total amount.
3.  Ask family members to give you cash as a birthday present or any gift or donation as a start up investment for your new business.

Also, here's the info on our latest Team Vision Conquerors Call
Take 30 mins out of your schedule and listen in. I guarantee you're going to be glad you did!  Let me know your thoughts after listening in.  Any questions you may have about joining, please let me know.
I would LOVE to sponsor you on my team and help you change your life!

Recorded  Call: (712) 432-1202
Access Code:  589303#
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What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate! Contact me today and let's talk Scentsy!  :)

Michelle Perez, Independent Scentsy Family Consultant
Future Director
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