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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Read what people are saying about Scentsy Fragrance!

These are testimonials of some customers and what they have to say about Scentsy Fragrance!

J.E. from South Carolina says: "The warmer I bought is fantastic, I actually let my husband open the box and he was psyched to see his favorite team! And the vanilla cream smells so good! ... The scent really spreads too. I have it on the counter between my kitchen and living room and it easily fills up both of those rooms, and travels towards the other rooms. I'm really impressed! And, I just received some sample scents and other materials from the consultant in the mail! The sample scents were just little pieces of wax in tiny zip lock bags but man they are fragrant! This is great because my husband and I both like the other two scents so now we know what to order for a refill!"

Y.P. from Nebraska says: "I love the Cherry Blossom warmer and the scents smell wonderful, the cubes last a long time!"

M.G. from New Jersey says:
 "I recently held my First Tote Party as well as an Online Party for Scentsy and I was really surprised on the great outcome I received in selling the products. Having the Tote Party really let my family, friends and co-workers smell all of the Great Scents that Scentsy has to offer and the product actually began to sell itself. I was really impressed with the sales and I was even more impressed with the great rewards I received just for having the parties. I
received my first Scenty Plug-In Warmer and Full-Size Warmer. Along with my warmers I picked out some great smelling Scentsy Bars and I am now a Loyal Customer of Scentsy. The aroma fills my house from my kitchen, to my living room, to my bathroom. I know that my house is smelling sooo good especially when I have both my husband and my son commenting on how nice everything smells. Since I received my warmers and bars in the mail I can't wait to try out another scent and I am looking forward to purchasing more items in the future. Thanks Scentsy for making my house smell ooo sooo good."
**Update: This customer loved Scentsy so much she joined my team as a Consultant in March of 2012 and is now on her own journey of success and Vision Conquering!

K.B. from Nebraska says:
"I love the warmer and scent my mom has at home! As soon as you walk in, you can smell it, it's sooo good! I love it!"

G.W. from Nebraska says:
"Scentsy has some really good scents! I love the new scents I purchased and I love the room sprays! They make great gifts too!"

R.G. from New Jersey says:
"Omg, thank you thank you, the Warmers are gorgeous and nice sizes, even for the plug-ins; and the scents are amazing!!!"

M.S. from Nebraska says:
"My husband and I just love Mochadoodle. It smells so good and my entire house fills with the aroma!" 

A.M. from Nebraska says:
"I got home, turned on my Plug In and put a cube in it. My bedroom door is closed, but the aroma has traveled through the bottom of the door and into the hallway. I love it!"

S.C. from Nebraska says:
"I put a Scent Circle in my daughter's bathroom and now every time she walks in it she says she loves the smell! She's hooked on Scentsy too, we go through the Scent Circles and pick out which ones for which room."

J.G. from Nebraska says:
"I LOVE the Dryer Disks! The aroma lasts for over 20 loads of laundry!! WOW!!"

T.B. from Nebraska says:
"I put a Dryer Disk over the bathroom vent and it releases such a great aroma! Everyone loves the smell in my bathroom!!"

R.C. from Florida says:
"I really love my products! My son came home and asked what that great smell was. I am happy with my scents and I love how the company is so careful and detailed when they pack up the products, they do care about their customers!"

C.L. from Wisconsin  says:
I really enjoyed hosting a party.  The fact that you say it has been hassle free makes me happy. My husband has fallen in love with the He's Alive Warmer and I can't wait to try out all the scents!"

J.V. from Nebraska says:
"Thank you for my order. I already set up my Plug In. The Camu Camu Scent Bar has an excellent fragrance, I love it! My next order will be a Warmer for my Living Room.  I think I am addicted to Scentsy!"  

S.W. from Nebraska says:
"My children slept with their new Scentsy Buddies (Christmas gifts) for nap time! They love them! They now can say goodnight while hugging them!"  ;)

S. W. from Pennsylvania says:
"Got my goodies today! My daughter took her's already and set it up in her room. :)"

J.M. from Ohio says:
"Came home from work and found the house smelling awesome with a new Warmer and Scent we received as a gift! What a way to represent the Caribbean with a fresh Scent like Havana Cabana!  I think we are going to have to purchase some other scents to try them out!"

D.B. from Nebraska says:
My staff loved their gifts, thanks for picking out the scents.  The scents and plug ins both came together perfectly for each of their personalities and home decor! 

E.M. from Nebraska says:
I love the Warmer and Scents I purchased for my home. I am trying to get my husband to use the warmers in his office instead of using candles. He loves the scents too.  We are loving it all! 

S.C. from Nebraska says:
Thank you for selling such an amazing product! I'm happy to be your customer :)

M.C. from Nebraska says:
I love all the scents!

J.D. from Nebraska says:
These products are great! They don't compare to the knock offs. Scentsy warmers and scents are much better than any knock off out there! You get so much more quality and value for your money! 

G.A. from Nebraska says:
My wife was having trouble getting rid of a stench in the house that was left from the prior tenant. The landlord had the carpets cleaned, and we tried industrial strength cleaner to see if that would work. The cleaner seemed to work for a few days, but after a while the smell came back.
We tried candles from big name stores, janitorial supplies, plug-ins and nothing seemed to work, until…
The aroma from these wickless candles is awesome. Not only has it been able to mask the smell in the carpet, it emits enough scent to cover 3 rooms.
We are truly impressed with the product and recommend it for any home. We love the fact that we can leave it on when we are gone for short periods of time because the candles only use a 25watt light bulb to heat the wax (no burning wicks), and it’s safe from harmful toxins. We would recommend a scent to try but because Scentsy has over 70 fragrances, it would be impossible to know what someone else would like. We do have a couple of favorites like Zen Garden and White Tea & Cactus.
We hope your experience with Scentsy Fragrances is just as scentsational as ours has been.

*This testimonial is from a Consultant who joined Team Vision Conquerors in May of 2014! 

T.T. from MI says:
I enjoy being Customer of the Month, I got such great deals on my rewards and products! I am loving this!!

T. E. from Ohio says:
I am looking forward to hosting my Online Party! It's time to stock up on some fresh scents!
*Did you know you can book an online party and earn free rewards? It's hassle-free and fun! 

M.M. from NJ says:
I love how my new Scentsy Warmers look in my home. They are beautiful!

J.T. from DC says:
I am NOT a fragrance person by any means, but the hubs is. I ordered him a Christmas present on Sunday and it arrived yesterday! I didn't want him to wait, so I had him open it last night and he was so excited! The Scenty Rooster Warmer matches my new kitchen curtains beautifully, and the manly Cozy Fireside scent is pleasing to both of our picky noses.
Thank you for sharing your holiday Scentsy deals with me!

R.G. from NE says:
I love my Tiger's Eye Warmer! Oh my and I picked Mellow Moments! It is amazing!  I love them both! So worth it!

J.B. from ME says:
Thank you so much for going above & beyond... you're the best!

L.M. from NE says:
I plugged in my Isabella Element Warmer and everyone in the office loved it! I love the fact it has a heating pad and doesn't use a bulb! I got lots of compliments on the scent, 1 cube was all I needed to get the office smelling great!  

J.A. from NJ says:
Looks like not only will I be addicted to the scents but my boys too!! They love the spray!!   

A.M. from IN says:
I suffer from allergies and have yet to find a product I can smell and won't hurt my sensitivity. I am so happy with Scentsy! I can smell the aromas in my sampler and love all the ones my Consultant suggested. I am just so very happy to have found Scentsy and am excited to order again!  

S.C. from NE says:
I'm gonna be putting another Scentsy order in soon. I think the Fall/Winter scents are my FAVORITES! ... Thanks for hooking us up!

G.P. from NE says:
There's definitely a good market for good products. With Scentsy I have noticed that not only do I have good product, I have good service too! Thanks for being my "Scentsy person"! 

C.K. from MN says:
Got my Scentsy box! Yay! My house smells amazing again! Thank you!


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