Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Story!

I moved to Nebraska in September of 2010 after being born and raised in NJ! I've been married for over 16 years and have 2 beautiful girls. I had dabbled in other Direct Selling companies, trying to find one that I could build a business with and be a stay at home mom. I am a certified teacher, but haven't been in a classroom since 2006. When we moved to Nebraska, my husband and I agreed I'd stay at home for some time, until my youngest started pre school, then I'd go back to teaching. But in my heart I kept praying and hoping I'd find a business I could "explode"!  :)

I was invited to an Open House during the fall of 2010.  I had never heard of Scentsy Fragrance and I had a lot of fun smelling the various aromas and just getting to know the product!  When I got home, I couldn't help but talk about it and I was intrigued to say the least.  I felt like becoming a Consultant, with the little I knew of the product, because I had fallen in love with those aromas!  I waited, talked to my husband and a couple of months after the Open House, I was contacted by that nice gal I met and bought the scents from :)  Well, after a lot of emails and questions and answers, I decided I liked Scentsy so much, I was excited to join the Scentsy family and go from there.  I began this journey in April of 2011 and I am happy to share it with you all!  I know you'll love the Aromas, as I do... and when you come across that special one, that AROMA MIA, please be sure and let me know!  :) 

It took me a while to sign up because of that dreaded 4 letter word:  FEAR!  FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, but worst of all, fear of investing my money and not showing anything for it.  Becoming a Consultant has been a blessing to me and my family. My girls LOVE Scentsy! My husband helps me promote and share Scentsy everywhere he goes! I love Scentsy and have been sharing it with all my friends and family across the US. I am constantly seeing my business explode more and more each day, and can't wait to see where this journey takes me!!  God put a dream and a vision in my heart, and even if it's taking a while to come, it's coming! And I won't give up my hope nor my faith! Fear takes your vision, your goals and dreams away; but Faith stirs it all right back up! Maybe God put a dream or a vision in your heart, and the circumstances you have gone through have fanned that flame... but you have an opportunity to relive that dream, and let God continue to mold that dream and vision! Don't let fear steal the future God has planned out for you! This is my season, and it's yours as well. So, sing with me, "I'm coming out, I want the world to know, I've got to let it show"!  Join me and write your own story of blessing for the world to know! God and I are writing my story daily, so come back often and read what's new!  :)

I would love to hear your story and your vision and dreams for this season!  I'd love to sponsor you and to grow our business together! Contact me today just to talk, or for more information, or to request some samples and a catalog!

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I look forward to hearing from you!!  :)
Blessings and Warm Hugs!
Michelle Perez, Independent Consultant

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