Monday, March 10, 2014

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As businessmen and businesswomen, we need to always be alert as to what phase or level we are in when it comes to our business, our lives, our family, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. When you feel as though you've hit a plateau in your business, then that's the time you need to evaluate and examine where you are and face the fact that it may be time to step out of that comfort zone and jump into growth!

The first step in auto-evaluation and self-examination in any area of your life is to ask yourself what are your three strengths and three weaknesses in a specific area. So, since we are talking about our business as Independent Consultants or Representatives, the first thing you need to do is make a list of 3 things you believe you are good at in your business and 3 things you believe you are not good at. (This can be in any area of your business). 

Next, you need to list weekly actions you are going to make to get you to grow. Those three things can be a mix of your strengths and weaknesses, just make sure you don't concentrate only on your strengths. The point is to come out of your comfort zone, so tackling your areas of weakness will be helpful in this step.
Ask yourself this:
What are three simple steps I can take this week to get to where I want to go? (This can be geared to any area of your life, not just business).
Ask yourself this question each Sunday night or Monday morning, jot down your answers each week and make sure you follow through with the steps.

When you talk about coming out of your comfort zone, you need to realize that, inside that comfort zone, there's no need to think, there are no risks taken and there's no growth. It's your comfort zone!
But once you decide to step out, you will find that as soon as you make the decision to step out, fear and terror will want to paralyze you and stop you dead in your tracks. Don't let it!! You will find that stepping out of your comfort zone unto growth requires intentionality. You need to be intentional in your actions and sometimes force yourself to take action towards growth. You will find that as you begin to think and realize you must step out, there comes a moment in time, a moment of determination where you jump out of the zone, into growth and realize it's now or never! Once you overcome that moment, you can step into growth, a process that is uncomfortable, inconvenient, challenging, but also profitable, powerful and promising. You need to keep the last three in mind whenever you experience the first three and want to quit!

Remember to overcome your fear with faith. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it and kill all of the negative beliefs you may have of yourself. All the negative sound must go!
Now, go and step out of that comfort zone and capture growth!
You can do it!

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