Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A FUN Recruiting Tool!

Time and time again we say that Your Story, Your WHY is important and that you should always be sharing it with everyone!
Not only does it keep you focused on reaching your goals and objectives, but it lets your customers, hosts and potential team members get to know you and feel comfortable working with you.
Here's a FUN recruiting tool you can carry with you to home parties, or just about anywhere you go to start up some recruiting conversations!

 A fun RECRUITING TOOL for home parties: WHY BAG

A WHY BAG is kind of like your Dream Board – only in a bag. They are a lot of fun and the guests really enjoy seeing and knowing WHY you do your business.

First, get a cute gift bag and add some frill – sparkles, feathery boa around the top – make it FUN. Next, add fun items that help describe your WHY. Here is what I’d put in my WHY BAG: play money (the BIG dollars you can get at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart is my favorite), old credit card, fun sports car (Hot Wheels kind), a picture of my home, Mickey Mouse figurine, small toy boat. Here’s what you do/say when you come to your SEED PLANTING section of your home party time:

“I’d like to take a couple minutes and tell you  why I joined my company. The best part – I create my own PAYCHECK! Because of that, I’ve been able to pay off two credit cards and hope to pay off my home at least 5 years early. The car of my dreams will be paid off in just two months and my DISNEY savings account grows BIGGER AND BIGGER each and every month. But, they ONE THING I’m most passionate about – crossing my fingers that SOON my husband can ‘retire’ and go fishing whenever he wants.”   Just fill in the blanks with what you've been able to do since you've been with your company, or what you plan to do with your paychecks.

As you tell your WHY, you pull your items out of the bag to go along with your story.

Every single person’s WHY is different – so everyone’s WHY BAG will be different too. 

Be creative. Guests LOVE this visual. Get their wheels spinning!

 Get them talking about what they'd like to do and what their bag would look like too!

*Taken from a call from a Scentsy Director in 2012

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