Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

When dealing with Social Media Marketing and Networking, sometimes Consultants focus on the wrong things. Theses mistakes can ultimately cost us customers, parties and new team members. When we shift our focus from one aspect of network marketing to the other, or when we focus on marketing a different way, we will see results! 
Are you making these Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Are you:
Focusing on offers instead of benefits? 
Consultants make offers, but don't give the customers a compelling reason to buy!  Don't make the focus towards the consultant, make the focus always towards the customer / hostess benefits.

Treating each month as an isolated marketing event? Are you starting from zero each month?  Don't do this... Prep people for future months. Develop a strategy... Use social media as your plan to fill in your monthly calendars ahead of time. Don't see your business as a month to month thing, use social media to get people excited for what's coming in the next months. People tend to remember more of those things that are unfinished or not complete. So use social media to get bookings and customers for the following months. "Stay tuned for December, something is coming up in December..." and it gets everyone intrigued!

Giving offers without capturing names and emails from potential customers?
Email marketing is the best way to make money and getting a customer base. When you make an offer, offer a compelling reason for them to want to opt in and give you your email and contact info.  Every time you put something out, people should have an option to receive an email to get what you have to offer.  Offer a Gift Giving List during the Holiday Season; offer a Top 10 Best Selling Product Guide each catalog Season; offer an Exclusive New Charity Product Information Sheet.   Capture their attention, get their contact info and add them to the mailing list.
Don't post the same thing over and over again. Post new updates so people are interested!  

This was taken from a training webinar by Rachna  Jain  -  Profitable Social Media in 2012.
Visit Dr. Rachna Jain's website for more information on her training. 

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