Monday, December 14, 2015

Becoming a Successful Consultant

It seems fairly simple. How do you become successful in your business? You just need to work your business daily. Daily actions do yield results! It has been said time and time again. Follow a simple course of action because at times, less is more!
Here are some basic tips to work your business. Of course, these tips are geared for Scentsy Consultants, but can definitely be applied to all Direct Selling Companies! 

1. Go out and brand yourself and approach people. Get their information by branding yourself and starting a conversation with people. Find something to compliment them on and build trust.
2.  Follow Up. Once you do get their info, follow up. It takes 5-8 or more times for a customer to buy/host or join.
3.  Send them a thank you, send them an email, text, mail something nice for them to enjoy.
4. Offer a Demo Warmer to experience at their home or office.
5.  Present the pouch party as an option for them to smell the scents and see if any family/neighbors or co-workers are also interested.
6. Woo your new customers, let them get to know you, and your product. Courtship takes time, building relationships does not happen over night. Relax and stay focused on your end result.

This  training was given by Becca Levie, Scentsy Super Star Director and mentor!

  Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

If you are looking for a Direct Sales Company, Scentsy Family is an amazing company with amazing leaders that are revolutionizing the market and are branching out internationally. I would LOVE to sponsor you on my team and train you and help you with your business!
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