Monday, December 14, 2015

More Recruiting Tips

If we take these tips and make them part of our daily lives, recruiting will become second nature to us and we will be growing our teams non-stop! A new year is a new opportunity to share your passion and blessing to all those that are looking for something new, something to help them with their current situation. Open your eyes and ears and.....

ASK: Who do you you know that likes nice things, loves a party, loves a bargain, needs extra $$$, loves to travel, needs a career change? Then......

LISTEN: Too many times we "over-sell" and talk too much when we need to be quiet and listen. Asking a question stimulates the thinking process. Be still and LISTEN to that process. If your customer is not stimulated, ask again, then wait for an answer. NOW.....

WRITE IT DOWN:  Keep a notebook in your purse for prospecting. Napkins and matchbook covers just won't do. Always ask the prospect when is the best time to contact. Who do you ask? Your best prospect is your hostess. Always refer to your guest list, too. Next are your guests and outside orders, then ask EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE - banks, stores, restaurants, waitresses, ask EVERYONE who has a neck and earlobes!!!

DID YOU DO ALL THESE THINGS? GOOD, then be sure to do the most important step for success:

FOLLOW-UP: There's that ugly word. Why? 80% of all sales are made after the 5th call and you won't be the exception. If you are not following up, you are working only 20% of your business. WHY? Do it while your prospect is still excited! WHY? Before someone else calls to recruit her! WHEN? Within 24-48 hours so she's still excited! So that you can give your hostess as many credits as possible. 90% of your business is lost to lack of follow up. Procrastination is deadly! You can't afford to throw away your future business because of laziness.

GET EXCITED: Many Consultants "think" they are selling products. I hate to dissapoint you but you do not sell the product, you represent it. You sell yourself by your following up and your enthusiasm. SELL THE SIZZLE! Do not spend your precious time at your show explaining what every product is made from or how it is made, instead explain how your products can benefit their lives. Help them to feel the emotion, the SIZZLE! Simply present your product attractively, be attractive yourself in that you care about your customers and SMILE! Now that's exciting! If you are not excited, no one else will be. GET EXCITED! Enthusiasm is contagious! Pass along the benefits of joining your team while selling the product at the same time!

This great training was provided by Amy Wells, Scentsy Director!

  Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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