Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Making Connections 101

Building relationships and making connections are a big part of building a successful business. Our clients and customers need to feel they can trust us, that we can help them and that taking care of them is our #1 priority. Here are some "connecting signals" that let us know we are connecting with others and they are connecting with us.

*when people go the extra mile (providing great customer service and loyal, repeat clients)
*when people say positive, unsolicited things (make them feel good, they make you feel good)
*when people demonstrate trust
*when people express themselves (there's an increase in communication, no barriers)
*when people feel good about what they do (business owner providing great service, customer receiving great service)
*when people connect on an emotional level (build a relationship beyond good customer service)
*when people's emotional batteries are charged by being together (great motivation and inspiration)
*when people's effectiveness is greater than the sum of their contribution. (they impact and change lives)
*when people are accepting without reservation (unconditional love and support)

Want to advance?  It's simple, connect!

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 For more tips on effective communication, you can read John Maxwell's book:
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect 

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