Wednesday, September 9, 2015

4 Steps To Fun Parties!

Parties! A Direct Seller's Best Friend! The question is: Are my parties fun?  Fun parties = success. How do you know if your parties are fun? Here are 4 steps in making sure you throw fun home parties that will keep your hosts and guests coming back for more!

Home Party Lesson 101:

Have your host pick a theme!  Mexican Fiesta, Chocoholic BYOC,  "Choc luck", Girls Night Out, Mom's Night Out, etc... fun = better!

1. Connect with guests and host.  Give them time to relax, breathe and enjoy once they get there.  10-20 minutes at the beginning taken to mingle, relax, let them settle in, learn about them, ask them questions, get them some drinks... LISTEN TO THEM!  
Transition: Ok, so let's grab a seat and get going let's "smell some awesomeness"! (or target your products)
Do On Time Drawings, don't worry about it starting late. Let go of your own agenda!!

2. Show up as yourself authentically.  Be yourself! You're more comfortable when you're you! You do a better job with sharing your products. People sense when you're comfortable and they tend to trust you when they see the real you. You need to know that not everything will come out perfect.  It's better not to be perfect because people can relate to you better. If you make a mistake, claim it and move on!

3. Get your guests involved from the beginning. Give them permission to get involved! They're not supposed to sit quietly and listen to your presentation. It's a party! Let them talk, get involved and relax. Tell them they're going to get involved.  Ex. the hokey pokey  put your whole self in!

4. Keep it visual.  Keep your guest's attention. They are visual learners.  What you say to your guests sounds Blah Blah Blah, you want to make it as visual as you possibly can.  Use props. Show them what they get if they host. Don't just tell them. (page in a catalog, or boxes of products). Use props during opportunity commercials.  Why bag?  Pass the bag around and have things inside explaining why you do what you do! Pic of kids, tax benefits, free travel, free prizes... 


This was taken from a training given by Julie Ann Jones in 2012.
For more information on Julie Ann Jones and her training, visit her website.

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