Saturday, September 5, 2015

7 Keys To Profitable Social Media Popularity

Direct Sellers use Social Media daily in their business.  There are keys to profitable social media actions that will generate results. 
As Consultants, these 7 keys to profitable social media are sure to grow your customer base and get you some profitable results!

1.  Craft yourself. Cultivate your best self and put it out there.  If you are an image consultant, you should follow your advice and your picture should be the representation of what you're selling.
Be careful what you put out there on social media, because you are representing what you sell. If you don't look like what you want people to see, they won't buy.

2.  Share your story. Be effective with your story. People pay attention to stories.  Why did you choose this company? What has this company or product done for you? Build your story and share it!

3. Do your promotional messages build trust? Your content should inspire, engage, inform, entertain, educate.  Build trust and inspire sales and people will respond.  Share stories to engage your social media contacts. Focus on what's most compelling about your products.  Move people to getting on your mailing list by offering promotions, gift giving guides, new product information sheets

4.  Use multiple messages to promote your business.  Get leads from as many markets as you can.  Open up multiple ways of promoting to have multiple ways of reaching people. Not just one or two social media markets. 

5.  Remember to use a call to action. Give the audience a next step to take. When you create amazing content, you need to tell the reader what to do next. "You want more tips? Sign up for my newsletter."  Don't just ask for action without giving useful content. Don't ask  people to come to your party without giving them a good content - why would they want to attend your party?  Give them a good tip about your product.

6.  Track and measure. Collect numbers and data about your business. Tracking your business moves it from "feeling" to facts.  Monitor your facts to see if you're increasing contacts, sales...  Tracking is used to make solid business decisions. Measure how many people you are consistently reaching on a monthly or weekly basis. Newsletter subscribers, referrals, potential customers into actual buyers. Each month look at your new contacts and see by how many your new contacts has grown.  Work on those results.  Don't base it on your feelings, look at the facts.

7.  Do more of what works.  Pay attention to the numbers and the success.  If you get new referrals that buy, continue to improve your referral relationships and offer those new referrals benefits. Concentrate on what's working and build on that. Do a promotion, see how the numbers go up with contacts, referrals, bookings, sales and run with it.

This was taken from a training webinar by Rachna  Jain  -  Profitable Social Media in 2012.
Visit Dr. Rachna Jain's website for more information on her training. 

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