Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 tips to build your Direct Sales Business!

8 tips to build your Direct Sales Business!
These tips can be applied to any Direct Sales Business that is based on selling and hosting parties.

1. Keep Catalog Parties handy and available everywhere you go. (Catalogs and order forms and business cards) Drop them off at Dr.'s offices, dentist, bank, dry cleaners, salon... Make sure you carry your planner with you and write down the dates and contact info of each Catalog Party you dropped off.

2. Try to find 10 new contacts per week. (Drawing slips, new customer info sheets, take them with you everywhere!)

3. Always follow up with past hostesses and customers. Send thank you notes and offer specials to host or re-order.

4. Continuously book parties. Catalog, basket, demos, home parties, open houses, multi vendor events. Include drawing slips, or customer sheets in all types of parties and offer a drawing prize to a winner from that specific party using the drawing slips. Offer an incentive to the host if it's a catalog/basket party, for getting those slips returned to you!

5. Have certain dates during the month available to your customers so they know you will be placing an order. Offer free shipping for locals or offer a 1/2 price reward for an order of $150 (or qualifying amount).

6. Offer referral incentives for any bookings/sales/recruiting. If someone refers a lead, and if they buy or host or join, the person that referred can get a free gift or half price item. There may be people who do not host or join, but they give good referrals and leads!

7. Hold a Customer Appreciation Day Sale. For example:  This day only is Customer Appreciation Sale Day for every $30 purchase get a free gift... Remember if your company does not allow you to post your personal sales publicly, then make sure you contact your customers with these personal sales.

8. Celebrate your yearly Anniversary with your company. Offer deals on the day of your Anniversary and remind your customers that their support is important and as their Consultant, Rep, or Distributor, you want to include them in your celebration. Tell them how many years you've been with your company and share your story with them! (Celebrating your Birthday with your customers would work the same way!)

If you are looking for a Direct Sales Company, Scentsy Family is an amazing company with amazing leaders that are revolutionizing the market and are branching out internationally. I would LOVE to sponsor you on my team and train you and help you with your business!
Please visit my website and feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

Michelle Perez, Independent Scentsy Family Consultant
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  1. Thank you! I'm new to direct sales and I'm trying really hard to come up with new ideas to get clients. I'm going to start leaving my business card places.

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  2. Great! I am glad this post is of help to you!