Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Recruit Training Tips

Are you a new recruit? Just signed up.... now what? 
Here are some ideas on how to get your business up and running.

Do you have a new recruit and want to share some ideas with them? Look no further!

New recruits should always have a debut or launch party to show their products! Have fun in planning your first party and inviting your family and friends. You can choose to make it intimate or a big blast, but always remember the law of numbers: the more you invite, the more will show up.  Plan your debut or launch party with plenty of time and gear up with excitement. Let everyone know how excited you are to share this new adventure with them! Talk about your debut party continuously. Don't be discouraged if the attendance is not overwhelming. Make sure you give out your catalogs and have pre-party and post party order availability.

New recruits should offer Preferred Customer Cards with every sale. A preferred customer card is a card you give to your customers and after 10 or 12 purchases (or the number you wish), the customer gets a free gift.  You can mark each order with the date on the customer card or punch a hole on the card with the date. Make sure to remind your customers to take advantage of the preferred customer cards.

New recruits should always set time apart to train. Whether it be training calls, live meetings, training videos or emails, if you start your business on the right foot by dedicating time to be trained and to learn, then you will earn! Prioritize your time, discipline yourself and set a goal of getting a certain amount of training in each week. Listening to your team calls is great because it helps you connect with others on your team, lets you know what they're doing and you get ideas and motivation from others who are trying to succeed just like you!

New recruits should always contact their sponsor, director, or upline. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The more you ask, the more you show your upline that you're interested in learning. Connect yourself with other team members and ask them questions. If your sponsor or direct upline is not in contact with your or does not reply to your questions, then go ahead and contact your director or someone above you. When you show your determination by wanting information and asking questions, you grow in knowledge. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for asking questions or wanting to learn more about your new business! Remember that your company also has a direct line for support. Reach out to them. 

New recruits should always label everything. Never let anything leave your hands (products, business card, catalog, sample, sponsorship packet) without it having your contact information or label on it. Label everything including yourself! Label your car and yourself (name tag, t-shirt, cap, jacket). Let everyone you meet see who you are and who you represent! Don't be embarrassed or shy, take on your new business venture with excitement and passion and others will see it and will buy your products!

New recruits should always have a new contact info sheet or a drawing slip with them everywhere they go. Offer people you meet to enter your monthly drawing. By doing this, you get their contact information and can send them newsletters, customer specials, booking specials and your communication. Give them the option of buying, hosting, joining (if your company has these options) and of referrals. Always know that when you give your information to a new contact, you should get some of their info as well.

New recruits should have samples of their products available. Depending on your budget and creativity, you can have samples handy and give them out with your contact information. People love getting free samples! Goodie bags with a sample, a catalog, a product guide and your business card are great ways to get people familiar with your brand and with yourself. Don't be embarrassed to let your community know you are the local  representative for your company. Let them know they can call on you for those specific needs and let them know what new products come out.  Samples are a great way to promote and market yourself!

New recruits should always set goals! This has been said so many times, but if we are not accountable for our actions, we won't succeed. Set weekly, monthly, 6-month goals and yearly goals. Write down your objectives of how you will achieve these goals and plan your daily actions. 15 minutes of daily actions will get you going towards your goals. Remember that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it!

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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