Friday, August 30, 2013

Actions Towards Success in Business Building

Are you taking consistent action in building your business? Check out these steps that will help you remain consistent!

1. Set weekly and monthly goals. Set an Action Plan and continue to evaluate and re-organize its effectiveness.

2.  Maintain steady focus on those goals. Whether they be team building, sponsoring, training, booking, selling, customer service, keep your focus on your goals and improve on the weak areas so that you are doing constant actions towards achieving your goals.

3.  Develop some time management, where you include time for yourself and your family, as well as your business. If you don't set time apart for specific aspects of your life, you will find you are neglecting one or two areas. Setting time apart for yourself (me time) is as important as the time spent on your business and on training. You need to feel good about yourself in order to help your team and customers!

4.   Provide great customer service. Communicate often with them. Courtesy calls, thank you cards, preferred customer cards, customer appreciation sales, these are all ways to keep connected with customers and have them become loyal, repeat customers.

5.  Provide great service to team members. Communicate often with them. Nurture your future leaders by recognizing those that have set goals and have met them. Focus on team promotions and team incentives and challenges to get your members to promote. Help them set goals that will help them promote to their next level.

6.  Sponsor new, active consultants every month.  Share your business opportunity with everyone, everywhere you go.   Be generous, if someone wants to join your team, help them with their launch party/debut party. Train them, set an example, train them to duplicate your actions and see success! Set a goal of having at least 1 active recruit per month to see a steady growth of your business.

7.  Book continuously. Set a goal for a set number of parties or home demos per month. Set a goal of how much you need to sell at each party or demo to put you on track for promotions and winning company incentives and challenges.  Take advantage of the various ways you can hold parties depending on your specific Direct Sales Company, and book accordingly. Book themed parties, personal demos/home parties, give out catalog parties, use the internet and social media to book parties. There are many ways to get bookings and referrals!

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

If you are looking for a Direct Sales Company, Scentsy Family is an amazing company with amazing leaders that are revolutionizing the market and are branching out internationally. I would LOVE to sponsor you on my team and train you and help you with your business!
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