Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Tips to Increase Your Sales

Need ideas on how to get your customers to buy your products monthly? Want repeat customers? Here are 3 tips to implement in your direct sales business and watch your sales grow!

1.  Promote a specific product for a specific time period (whether it be monthly, weekly, bi-weekly). Offer your customers that choice to buy that product or a package of combined products for a certain amount of money with some type of savings or discount. Once they decide to buy, it will be easier for them to choose a product you are promoting and offering. If they want to add on, they will, without question. Produce the maximum number of sales by making their choice simple. Providing a product or package simplifies this decision for them. 

2.  Establish a personal connection with new, potential customers.  Sure, it is easier for them to order online, but if you make their experience a more personal one, where you meet them and present your products to them, let them experience them hands on, and you get to know them, ask them questions, let them see you are listening and know that you care about their needs, they will buy and will become loyal customers. Also, personalize your packages, or promotion materials according to your market. If you make your promotions and marketing more personal, you are sure to get more interested buyers who will want to use your products for their specific needs. (Moms, business people, work force, students, Dads, realtors, doctors,)

3.  Provide specific benefits about your products. Why should your customers buy your products? Why are your products better than the competition?  Why will your customers benefit from buying your products?  At times, you will find that the customers themselves are stating the benefits when they see how good the products are!  When you talk about your products, use specific examples that will hit home with your customers. Be specific on what your products do, how they can be used, how they can improve your customers' lives or businesses. When you use specific words that appeal to whatever situation your customers are in, you will find you have established a connection and that will generate sales and keep them loyal.

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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