Saturday, September 7, 2013

Monthly Goal Setting and Planning for your Direct Sales Business

Goal setting and planning is a sure way to get your Direct Sales Business running and growing! Whether your plans be to increase sales, bookings, coaching, recruiting or team building training, specific steps are required in order to reach success. If you are struggling with developing a plan of action, ask yourself the following questions and as you answer them, you will be setting your goals and developing your plan of action! Get to it, success awaits you!

First Step: Create a personalized monthly plan with goals that will get you to increase and grow. Keep it simple, but effective!
Ask yourself these questions and set your goals accordingly.

  • How much money do I want to earn this month?
  • How many leads (new contacts, potential customers, potential hosts, potential recruits) do I want to gain per week? (Social Media, referrals, person to person)
  • How many of those leads do I want to convert into customers, hosts, recruits? (follow up, calls, parties, demos, sponsorship interview, sponsorship layering)
  • What level or promotion within my team will I qualify for this month?  What are the specific ways to achieve this level (sales, recruits, training my team to reach their next level)?

Second Step:  List the objectives you need to focus on to achieve the goals mentioned in the First Step. These objectives will lead you to constant daily actions and put your goals in place and in target. You need to be specific and answer the questions with reasonable numbers that you really want to achieve.
  • How much will you personally sell to achieve your sales goal?  (Home demos, parties, one on one, re-orders, follow up, courtesy calls, specials)...
  • How can you network this month to generate more leads? (Networking Meetings, Open House Events, Fairs, Fundraisers, Personal sales and sharing.)
  • What are your available dates for sponsorship meetings, host coaching, parties and demos? How am I going to follow up with customers and referrals and provide great customer service? By having a clear calendar with open dates, you will be able to see a true reflection of how much you have worked in the month. Schedule your follow up calls and customer courtesy service on your calendar.
  • Are you tracking personal sales and team sales?  Is your personal sales volume and your team volume where it needs to be in order to promote within your team and achieve your goal?  Offer team incentives, trainings, coaching, and be in constant communication with your team, letting them know the team goal and how much is needed before month's end in order to achieve it.

Once you have done Step 1 and Step 2, you have developed a monthly plan to put into action. Congratulations. Lead by example and let your team know that you have goals set for your team and that you will be doing your part along with them in order to achieve these goals. Goal set with your team. Make vision boards. Share with your team what your expectations are and have them share with you as well.  You're on your way to success! Keep developing monthly plans like this one and you are sure to see growth!

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions, which becomes a way of life. Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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