Wednesday, September 25, 2013

4 Basic Ingredients for Success!

If you're hungry for more success, these 4 ingredients are sure to help your business rise beyond your expectations!  But, don't forget that all 4 of these are necessary in order to achieve; without one or the other, it will be like your favorite dish is missing a key ingredient from its recipe!  So, get used to these 4 ingredients and use them daily in your selling, sharing, coaching, mentoring, training, booking and watch it all rise to a higher level of success!

1.  PURPOSE    why you do what you do, what positive results you get from doing what you do, and what future dreams can you accomplish by continuing to do what you do.

2.  COURAGE  step up, stand out, get out of that comfort zone, step out of the boat and go into the water. When you do something to step up, and stand out daily, you will see results.  

3.  PASSION  personal energy, focus, love for your brand, company and what you do will get you results... when you incorporate your business into every aspect of your life, you shine your passion and love and others will understand and also partake. 

4.  COMMITMENT  discipline, stay on task, finish the race, get the job done... do something daily and don't let the day end until you've done what you set out to do for that day. If you commit to your business and lead by example, you will find that others will commit as well because of what they see in you.

When you're busy being productive (no matter how many minutes or hours you have set aside for your business in that day),  you can't worry about what is NOT happening, because so many things are! When you work your business with these 4 ingredients, you are sure to grow and succeed because you just can't go wrong!  Try it and you'll see.... but remember, don't leave one of these ingredients out because then your final results won't taste the same.... and I know you want to taste the VICTORY!  :)

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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