Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Bare Business Necessities

You can call them tips, characteristics, habits or even necessities, but they are sure to help your business succeed! 

1.  Always have a clear vision and clear goals.  What do you see and want for yourself? What are your immediate goals? How do you want to achieve them?  With a clear vision and attainable goals, you will succeed. Ask yourself these questions:  Why did I join this company? What benefits did I first see when joining? What do I want for myself and my family? These should help you establish a clear vision of where you see yourself in the near future and how to establish and attain goals that are related to your business.

2.  Always have good work ethics.  Focus yourself on your work, knowing that all Income Producing Activity you spend on your business will get you results. Don't think that because it's "my business" that you don't need to work at it as much as you would a 9-5 job. You need to work consistently at developing a good customer base, a good host/hostess program or base, a good, efficient team and that all happens when we lead by example and work our business professionally, consistently and ethically. When you lead by example, others will definitely follow!

3.  Always build yourself in order to build others.  Develop people skills, communication skills, leadership skills in order to make your business and team grow. When you build your communication and people skills you will find yourself looking for team members who are like minded as you are, who are willing to succeed and who will work hard at achieving it. When you train yourself and are in a constant learning stage, you will be able to train and teach others knowing that you are constantly gaining information to share with those around you. Awaken others' emotions and find those stars that will be successful on your team!

4.  Always be results-oriented. Look for solutions to any problem you see. When we are problem-oriented we find negativity in everything and it gets very hard to attain goals because we cannot see the solutions or create solutions. When we set standards of excellence and drive our business based on our character and ethics and not emotions, we will become solutions-oriented and will be able to coach, consult and train others. Find a way or make a way!

5.  Always have fun and enjoy your journey! It's your business, enjoy it!  When you let it become too stressful, you have lost your focus and the previous 4 necessities listed above. Go back to having fun, enjoying your journey and focusing on changing your life. If you get to this step and find yourself not enjoying your journey start focusing on numbers 1-4 and decide to make your business your adventure!  You will see success at every corner, with every new person you meet!

Positive thoughts turn to positive actions which becomes a way of life. 
Go get it!  -Michelle Perez

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